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Spiritual Support in a Digital World

Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews and his camera

Conservative Fire and Brimstone churches seem to have a more electronic presence than Progressive churches. This site, however, is the place that you can discover that you ARE loved by God, and that you CAN be a Christian despite what the non-forgiving churches tell you.

Use the link to the RIGHT to view church service at Phoenix First UCC LIVE Sunday mornings at 10:30 Arizona time.

“The Psalmist says as far as the east is from the west, that’s how far God casts our sins from us; and Jesus Christ says that God so loved the world that he gave his son so that whoever believes shall not perish, but have eternal life – for God sent His son into the world not to condemn the world… not to condemn anyone… but that the world, the whole world, all of it, everyone, would be saved through Him. This is the Great Good News of the Gospel.”Rev Dr Stephen E. Wayles (Retired)

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Robert Andrews started the Digital Ministry at Phoenix First Church with nothing more than a digital camera that was able to record movie clips. It does not take any fancy equipment to get a digital ministry started. CLICK HERE for more details on how you can do this for your own church. This ministry is the brainchild of Robert, and (although it features many events from First Church) is run entirely by him. If you take exception with the inclusion of any piece of work here, please contact him directly at 602-999-4120 and it will be removed immediately. Otherwise, it is the hope that the spiritual hope offered here will be found by those in need. It is my thought that rather than downloading the video, stripping out the soundtrack, and converting it to audio that most people will just go to iTunes and spend the 99 cents to buy a copy from the artist. Namaste.